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Oracle 12c: A New Chapter in Database Management

Oracle 12c is the latest version of the Oracle database management system. It was released in 2013 and has had a significant impact on the world of database management. Oracle 12c introduces several new features and improvements over its predecessor, Oracle 11g. In this article, we will discuss some of the key features of Oracle 12c.

1. Pluggable Databases

One of the most significant changes in Oracle 12c is the introduction of Pluggable Databases (PDBs). With PDBs, multiple databases can be consolidated into a single contner database. This simplifies the management of databases while also reducing hardware and mntenance costs. Additionally, in Oracle 12c, databases can be easily moved between different hardware platforms using the PDB export and import functionality.

2. Multitenant Architecture

Oracle 12c’s multitenant architecture enables administrators to manage multiple PDBs as a single entity. This is a major breakthrough in database management, as it allows administrators to simplify their responsibilities by managing all the PDBs in a single contner database.

3. Automatic Data Optimization

Another new feature of Oracle 12c is Automatic Data Optimization (ADO). This feature enables administrators to automate the compression and movement of data between different tiers of storage based on the data’s age, usage, and performance requirements. ADO allows administrators to save storage space and reduce the overall storage cost, while at the same time ensuring that the necessary data is stored in the most appropriate tier of storage.

4. In-Memory Column Store

Oracle 12c also introduces the In-Memory Column Store (IMCS), a new feature that provides a high-performance data analytics environment. The IMCS allows administrators to create in-memory databases that can be accessed with SQL queries. This is a major improvement over traditional databases that rely on disk-based storage. With the IMCS, memory-based databases can be created and mntned efficiently, providing a faster and more efficient way of managing data.

5. Oracle Data Redaction

Finally, Oracle 12c introduces the Oracle Data Redaction feature. Oracle Data Redaction makes it possible for administrators to protect sensitive data by masking or redacting sensitive information from unauthorized users. Redaction can be applied to rows, columns, or even specific parts of a column. This feature provides additional security measures to protect sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

In conclusion, Oracle 12c represents a significant step forward in database management. The introduction of PDBs, multitenant architecture, ADO, IMCS, and Oracle Data Redaction make it the most complete and versatile Oracle database management system yet. The system is designed to be more efficient than its predecessors, while at the same time being simpler to manage. The new features and improvements included in Oracle 12c have transformed the database management landscape and are paving the way for more efficient and secure data management in the future.


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