Displaying multiple columns in a HTML Listbox Control in ASP.Net
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listbox column spacing solution

FINALLY!!! I Know so many people have had this problem. But finally i solved it with your basic mono spacing font type.

As we all know the asp.net listbox has a problem with truncating all added spaces. So you can't create columns with in your listbox. But all your need to do is use the command Sever.HtmlDecode(string) that will send whatever is in inside it directly to html. The problem was there listbox would change the & to amp; so the spaces wouldn't come out. But with this command the & will not get changed. The space html ascii to use would either be   or   just put either inside your Server.HtmlDecode() and your set.. Walla Spacing.......

Here is an example i'm using and Sql server to get data but you should get the idea.


Dim dreader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader

Dim sqlcmd As SqlClient.SqlCommand = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("SELECT tm_tax_code, tm_tax_description FROM [Tax-Master] ORDER BY tm_tax_code", conn1)


dreader = sqlcmd.ExecuteReader

Dim TaxCode As String

Dim taxnum As Integer = 8

Dim tempspace As String

Dim ct As Integer

ct = 0

Do While dreader.Read

TaxCode = Trim(dreader("tm_tax_code"))

taxnum -= Len(TaxCode)

For ct = 0 To taxnum

tempspace = tempspace & " "


LstTaxMaster.Items.Add(Trim(dreader("tm_tax_code")) & Server.HtmlDecode(tempspace) & dreader("tm_tax_description"))

tempspace = ""

taxnum = 8




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