MySQL Variables named_pipe_full_access_group 数据库 参数变量解释及正确配置使用
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要设置此参数,请打开MySQL服务端的my.ini配置文件,找到[mysqld]部分,添加一行:named_pipe_full_access_group=,Windows group name为要设置的Windows组的完整名称(包括完整的路径)。



Command-Line Format --named-pipe-full-access-group=value
Introduced 5.7.25
System Variable named_pipe_full_access_group
Scope Global
Dynamic No
Platform Specific Windows
Type String
Default Value empty string
Valid Values

empty string

valid Windows local group name


(Windows only.) The access control granted to clients on the
named pipe created by the MySQL server is set to the minimum
necessary for successful communication when the
named_pipe system variable is
enabled to support named-pipe connections. Some MySQL client
software can open named pipe connections without any
additional configuration; however, other client software may
still require full access to open a named pipe connection.

This variable sets the name of a Windows local group whose
members are granted sufficient access by the MySQL server to
use named-pipe clients. As of MySQL 5.7.34, the default value
is set to an empty string, which means that no Windows user is
granted full access to the named pipe.

A new Windows local group name (for example,
mysql_access_client_users) can be created
in Windows and then used to replace the default value when
access is absolutely necessary. In this case, limit the
membership of the group to as few users as possible, removing
users from the group when their client software is upgraded. A
non-member of the group who attempts to open a connection to
MySQL with the affected named-pipe client is denied access
until a Windows administrator adds the user to the group.
Newly added users must log out and log in again to join the
group (required by Windows).

Setting the value to '*everyone*' provides
a language-independent way of referring to the Everyone group
on Windows. The Everyone group is not secure by default.


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